Pyladies Pune : Chapter 2

Pyladies - Women who program in Python

Group of python programmers and Open Source enthusiast.

This is one of the initiatives to encourage more women participation in Open Source.

The main goal behind this chapter was "How to contribute in Open source ?
" To provide a platform pyladies Pune chapter 2 was organized on march 15th, 2015 at Red Hat India Private Limited.

Around 10-15 participants joined for this event. This was little disappointing. I will encourage more girls to join pyladies pune who are python programmers and want to contribute in Open source.

The event was started with a introduction to this chapter by Rupali Talwatkar.

Neeti Dahiya started with "How to triage bugs". It was a good session for beginners who want to contribute in open source. She covered detailes about bugzilla, various fields, options, several flags and states of a bugzilla.

Later Dhriti Shikhar and Chandan Kumar talked about git and contribution in open source projects:

  • What is git ?
  • How to initialize repository ?
  • How to clone remote repository ?
  • How to commit changes and push changes ?
  • And at the end how to create a pull request ? :)

It was a hands on session where participants created repositories in github and pushed changes to remote repository from local repository.

It was successful event all together though I missed few last bits of event.I will thanks to all the organizers for this initiative and hoping to see more participations in coming events.

Join Pyladies and share knowledge, ideas and contribute in Open Source.